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Rukwa Region is commemorating fifty(50) years of Uhuru in Sumbawanga Municipality. All Tanzanians are welcome to join hands with Rukwa residents.

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  • Rukwa Region lies in the extreme south western part of Tanzania. The region has an area of 27,765 Km2 comprising 3 Administrative Districts with 4 Local Government Authorities (LGAs). The administrative districts include Sumbawanga, Nkasi and Kalambo. The Region has a population of 1,000,540 people according to the current NBS projection.Rukwa is considered as one of the remotest regions in Tanzania, far from the commercial and administrative centres of Dar es Salaam and Dodoma respectively. Large part of the road infrastructure in the region is below standard. This nature of the road infrastructure has significantly slowdown development of the region

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    The economic growth rate in terms of GDP at current market price in 2010, 2011 and 2012 was 1,092,300, 1,293,386 and 1,529,289 respectivelly. Per capita income for 2010, 2011 and 2012 was 726,658, 830,052 and 974,601 respectivelly.

    However, in order to maintain and improve that growth target, the Region has planned to concentrate on the following 8 priority areas namely Infrastructure, Agriculture, Education, Staff development, Environmental conservation, Water, Health and Fight against HIV/Aids epidemic and SACCOS. To achieve targets in those areas, the Region will continue to perform various development programmes which are in consistent with:

    National Development Vision 2025

    National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (NSGRP) and

    Ruling party election manifesto 2015-2020

    Apart from our own efforts, we also wish to invite/attract domestic and foreign as well as economic organizations investors for the purpose of exploiting the region’s opportunities on the basis of mutual benefits in various areas.

  • Investment Guarantee

    Mkoa wa Rukwa una mtandao wa barabara unaokadiriwa kuwa na kilomita 5,502.3. Mtandao wa barabara unaohudumiwa na Wizara ya Miundombinu kupitia Wakala wa Barabara (TANROADS) Mkoani Rukwa una jumla ya kilomita 2,150 ambapo Barabara Kuu ni kilomita 887 na barabara za Mkoa ni kilomita 1,263 mwaka 2011.

    Political Stability

    Katika kutekeleza Ilani ya Uchaguzi na MKUKUTA na kwa kuzingatia Jiografia, majukumu na malengo ya Mkoa yamejikita katika kutekeleza vipaumbele vifuatavyo: Kuboresha Miundombinu, Kilimo, Elimu, Maendeleo ya Watumishi, Mazingira, Maji, Huduma za Afya, Mapambano dhidi ya UKIMWI na kuhamasisha uanzishaji wa SACCOS..

    Investment Incentives

    Kiuchumi, wakazi wa mkoa wa Rukwa wanajishughulisha na ufugaji, kilimo cha mazao ya chakula na biashara, sekta ya utalii, madini, uvuvi, viwanda vidogo pamoja na biashara ndogondogo. Pato la Mkoa limekuwa likiongezeka mwaka hadi mwaka, kutoka kiwango cha 3.5% mwaka 1999 hadi kufikia 3.7% mwaka 2004.takwimu za mwisho za mwaka 2007 wastani wa pato la Mkoa ulikadiriwa kuwa Shilingi 486,832 kwa mwaka. .


    Tanzania has experienced a long record of stability since independence in 1961.  Since then, the country has changed presidents four times.  From 1995, the country has held elections under a multi-party platform.  The fourth president in the history of the country, His Excellency, Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete was elected in office in December 2005 for a five year term and re-elected in October 2010 for another five year term. .